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Software I Use

Every body has the software that they prefer to use. You and I are no different. Though some people getting into the craft may not always know what to use for different things. So this post will be a sort of running show of what I like to use for various things. I hope to keep it updated from time to time. I will also try to show what I use between MacOS (which I use at work) and my personal machine running linux (antergos).


VS Code

I use one of two editors. For simple edits, project where code completion isn't as important (such as writing posts for here), and in general non-projects, I use VSCode, though I tend to use the insiders branch because I like having new features.


I tend to bounce between Solarized Dark and Monokai Dimmed. And if I need a light theme I actually prefer the default Light+ theme.

Plugins: I probably use too many plugins, but vscode doesnt really slow down on me at all. So I keep them. The prominent plugins I use are:

I have more but these are the more important ones to me.

Intellij Idea

This is my primare IDE whith whom I love. No not like that. There are many reasons to like (or dislike) using a full blown IDE like this. Those of you with those opinions probably have already made up your mind. For me, Idea just gives soo much benefit for an editor compared even to VSCode (a darned close second), or a highly configured vim (which I used to like to do but i just want things to work these days). I do however use VIM bindings everywhere. Don't want to live without that. Maybe some day the intellij vim plugin will get support to use neovim as a backend. I use a handful of plugins but setting up Idea is more straightforward. So I will leave plugin discovery up to you.



Here it is pretty obvious. Doesn't everyone use iTerm2? Easily installed through homebrew as well.


The only one I use is Cmder.


My main goto terminal lately has been Termite which is fast and clean. Though lately ive been trying Hyper and like it.


I pretty much take all my notes and plan things in Notion.so. Its pretty great.


Ive been a hard core Chrome person for a long time. But lately its been growing more and more and crashing mroe often. So I have been testing the new firefox browser which has had some major components built in Rust which is awesome and would love to spend more time with it.

OSX stuff

The main thing that sticks out on OSX is using brew. I try to keep most of my tools OS agnostic. Especially since i go between different OS's regularly.

Linux stuff

I used Ubuntu for a LONG time. I still like it despite its popularity slowly getting lower at times. I have tried many others but for a while I have been using Antergos which I just love. for managing AUR packages, I use trizen.


I use a bunch of other little things. But if there is anything else you want to know feel free to let me know. What tools do you like to use that others may not know of?